Water Pipes: Gravity Vortex Water Pipe

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gravity Vortex Water Pipe

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Water Pipes | Gravity Vortex creates a smooth clean powerful gravity hit, anywhere, at anytime. This portable smoking device replaces the 2-litre bottle as the strongest and most efficient way to smoke. Inspired by messy bottles and buckets, the Gravity Vortex's innovative shape filters smoke between two chambers. The scientific hourglass design allows water to flow back and forth. When the valve is released, water drains to the bottom and pressure draws a thick cloud of condensed gravity smoke. As you inhale from the mouthpiece, fresh air mixes with this milky cloud, creating an exciting hit as smooth as a vaporizer with greater intensity.

- Gold Medal winner at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup
- Appearance on Showtime WEEDS television show


Efficient gravity hits • Portable and powerful • Smooth clean water-filtered smoke • Durable High-tech functional design

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